Englewood Alano Club Inc.- A Non Profit Organization

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Englewood Alano Club stands as a dedicated and compassionate Recovery Oasis, offering a haven of support for individuals and families on the journey to sustained recovery. Our club is a secure, substance-free environment designed to foster community and well-being. Through a range of 12-Step meetings, workshops, and social events, we aim to create a nurturing space that promotes healing and growth.

Our Vision
Englewood Alano Club is widely recognized as a beacon of recovery, embodying our commitment to creating a sober sanctuary. Our vision is clear—to serve the community by providing a welcoming, alcohol, and drug-free environment.

We stand as a pillar of support for various 12-step fellowships, offering them a dedicated space for meetings. Beyond that, our mission extends to providing information, outreach, relevant programs, and social interactions—a gathering place for all individuals and their families impacted by alcohol, drugs, and other addictions. Our aim is to facilitate physical, mental, and spiritual renewal through the journey of recovery.

With the steadfast moral and financial backing from the community, participating recovery groups, and our valued members, Englewood Alano Club is poised to play an enduring role in supporting those affected by addiction. In this shared endeavor, we recognize that no one should face the challenges of alcoholism, drug addiction, or other dependencies alone—we stand together in the pursuit of personal recovery and well-being.

Our Objective
Our mission at Englewood Alano Club is to serve as a transparent and inclusive 12 Step Recovery Home for our entire community. We strive to provide a clear overview of the diverse 12-step service opportunities available, ensuring that everyone in search of recovery can find a welcoming space for meetings and fellowship within our Club.

With a large main hall and two smaller rooms, we offer versatile meeting venues for 12 Step Groups seeking a supportive environment. In our commitment to transparency, pertinent information concerning the business and finances of the club will be regularly posted, keeping our club attendees well-informed about our operations and ensuring a sense of community accountability.